Fechtschule 2022

Tremonia Fechten cordially invites to their Fecht­schule!

Our Fechtschule event takes place 30th September through 2nd October 2022 at Husen Castle. We are filling the weekend to the rim with seminars, tournaments and activities concerning HEMA for practitioners as well as the curious.


Husen CastleHusen Castle, Syburger Dorfstraße 135, 44265 Dortmund. φ = 51° 25′ 9″ N, λ = 7° 30′ 22″ E. Camping is possible on the castle’s premises. The workshops and tournaments are held in a gym in case of bad weather.


Friday, 30th September 2022 5 p.m. CEST through Sunday, 2nd October 2022.


We will publish information about the program as soon as possible.


Every unanswered question regarding the Fechtschule is also best directed at the mistress of ceremony at fechtschule@tremonia-fechten.de.

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