Code of Conduct

The Tremonia Fechtschule is meant to be a safe space free of harassment, racism, homophobia, sexism, transphobia, bullying etc. Hence, all participants, instructors and staff members are expected to be respectful and adhere to this code of conduct at all times.

Membership in fascist groups, the wearing of fascist symbols/regalia, and/or advocating for fascist beliefs will not be tolerated in any form. This includes but is not limited to white supremacist, neo-nazi, alt-right, or homophobic/sexist/trans-exclusionary ideologies.

Make training and spending time with you a pleasant experience for everyone involved (if for any of the following points you wonder why they are there, please don’t shy away from doing a quick research and/or asking us. Understanding is fundamental for respect):

  • Respect people’s pronouns. If you are unsure of how a person would like to be addressed do your best to use gender neutral pronouns. If you use a pronoun outside of heteronormative practice, please consider making things easier by telling people your preferred pronoun.
  • No comments that make anyone feel uncomfortable, be it of a sexual or different nature. The person on the receiving end decides what is okay as a joke or comment, not the one making it!
  • Everyone should endeavour to be clean, have their nails trimmed, and avoid wearing heavy scents.
  • All partner exercises are done based on explicit consent. Respect other people’s boundaries, and be explicit about your own.
  • No unwarranted physical contact!
  • Respect the instructors. If you disagree or would like to elaborate on aspects of their teachings, please save that for after the workshop. Don’t hog their workshop-time, as they put time and effort into planning and usually run on a tight schedule. (Respect does not mean putting up with behaviour violating this code of conduct!)
  • Coaches and teachers are expected to behave in a professional manner at all times!

Everyone must abide by these rules or may be asked to leave (without recompense)!

If anyone – including instructors and staff members – acts in discord with these policies or otherwise makes your stay unpleasant for you in a related way, please report this to an organiser or one of the people of confidence, so that it can be dealt with.

General rule: When in doubt, err on the side of respect!

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