General Terms of Participation

General Terms of Participation

for events organized by Verein für historisches Fechten Dortmund e. V.
(Version 04/2023)

1. Registration, contract formation

Registrations are in principal considered in the order of receipt. There is no entitlement to the formation of a contract concerning participation. The contract is closed only with the receipt of our registration confirmation or invoice.

2. Terms of payment

The participation fee is charged after registration and is payable after receipt of the registration confirmation/invoice.

3. Cancellation o fand changes to events

We can cancel events for important reasons (such as insufficient participants to break even; short term unavailability of instructors without suitable surrogates, etc.). Participants are immediately informed and refunded; further claims against us are excluded.

We can – as long as reasonably acceptable for the participants – furthermore make changes to the event (e.g. to the agenda, schedule, location). These changes will be immediately communicated via our website and, if known to us, via email to the participants.

4. Cancellation conditions

If not regulated otherwise (for example in separate terms of participation), participants can cancel their participations up to 2 weeks before the event under the following conditions:

  • Cancellation is possible without costs up to 6 weeks before the event.
  • In case of a cancellation up to 2 weeks before the event, the cancellation fee is 50 percent of the agreed participation fee.
  • A later cancellation is not possible.

The participants reserve the right to prove that no damage or one lesser than the cancellation fee has been inflicted.

We will immediately refund the participation fee to the participants, reduced by the cancellation fee where applicable.

The participants are at liberty to designate a surrogate participant at any time.

5. Exclusion of participants, householder’s rights

We can partially or in total exclude participants from events, if these disturb the event and/or violate the Code of Conduct. There is no entitlement to admonition.

During the event we (together with third parties if applicable) wield householder’s rights and are entitled to issue instructions to this extent.

6. Copyright

Presentation documents and further work material are protected by copyright. Commercial recordings of sound and image (especially photos, films, videos) are prohibited.

If sound and/or image recordings are made during the event, these can be obtained by participants. Participants will be informed about this separately at the event. The participants agree that the recordings can be multiplied, distributed and made accessible to the public by us, as long as this use does not pose an undue infringement on the personal interests of the participants, taking our interests into appropriate account. This agreement pertains without local or temporal limits and can only be revoked by the participants, if adhering to the agreement is undue because of changed, unforeseeable circumstances, under consideration of the interests of both the participants and ourselves.

7. Privacy

We collect, process and use the necessary data fort he purpose of fulfilling the contract. We can pass on data to other participants, contributors, sponsors and exhibitors of an event, but exclusively für the purpose of use fort he event, for example for sending presentation documents or for preparation oft he event. Participants can object to the passing on of data at any time.

Any further processing or use of data only occurs if the participants have consented. The participants can get information about the content, extent, date and form of the consent at any time.

8. Closing provisions

Should one or more of these terms be or become void, this does not affect the other terms.

In case of participants being traders the place of jurisdiction is our place of business, likewise in case of the participants having no domestic place of general jurisdiction, having shifted their place of residence or habitual residence abroad after closing the contract or if at the time of filing of action neither place of residence nor habitual residence of the participants is known. We are entitled to litigate at the place of jurisdiction of the participants as well.

9. Cancellation policy

If participants classify as consumers, they have the following right of withdrawal. They classify as consumers if the contract can neither be ascribed to their business nor any self-employed professional activity.

Right of Revocation

You can revoke your contractual declaration within 14 days without giving reasons. This term starts after receipt of this admonition in written form, but not before the closing of the contract and neither before we have fulfilled our information obligations according to art. 246 § 2 ICW § 1 sections 1 and 2 EGBGB as well as our obligations according to § 312g section 1 sentence 1 BGB ICW art. 246 § 3 EGBGB. To keep the term, it suffices to send the revocation in time. The revocation is to be addressed at:

Verein für historisches Fechten Dortmund e. V.
Kaiserstraße 135
44143 Dortmund
E-Mail: info [at]

Revocation consequences

In case of an effective revocation, the mutually received benefits are to be returned and if so derived profits are to be returned. In case you are unable to reimburse us either in total or partially for services received, you are required to offer a compensation of equal value. This may mean you have to still fulfil the contractual payment obligations for the time period up to the revocation. Duties for the compensation of payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. This time period begins for you with the sending of your revocation, for us with the reception of it.

Special Notes

Your right of cancellation shall expire prematurely if the agreement, at your express request, has been executed in full by both parties prior to your exercising your right of cancellation.

End of cancellation policy

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