We are all connected by our shared passion for HEMA. An important part of the HEMA experience in our opinion is the participation at events and the exchange with HEMAist*as from different clubs and countries. Sadly, some people are barred from that experience because of financial reasons.

We here at Tremonia are pained by the thought that it is not interest but income that decides on whether or not people attend our Fechtschule and that hence we miss out on meeting new friends because of mere money.

That is why we have come up with two things fir this year’s Tremonia Fechtschule :

  1. We are using sliding scale pricing in the hopes that this way we can lower the threshold for some due to the solidarity of others. (For more information see here)
  2. We are making the following offer: You get them to us, we care about participation, food and shelter!

This year one spot at the event will be given out on what you may call a scholarship. This includes participation at the event (including the workshops, tournaments, etc.), three meals a day and a bed in the medieval tower house. Training gear and a fencing mask can also be supplied if needs be.

The condition for this is that you (as instructors, as a club, as family,…) cover the travel costs and write us a message on why the person you want to support derserves this scholarship.


  1. The application has to be made by others, you cannot apply yourself.
  2. The person cannot pay for anything themselves. If they are worth being gifted the participantion by us, they are worth being gifted the travel cost by you.

How to participate:

Write us an email at, telling us who you want to send us, who you are (what’s your relationship with the person?) and why they deserve this.

We will tell you, if your person was chosen at the 31st of July, giving them and you slightly over a month for travel preparation.

We will not make publicly known who comes to us on a scholarship, neither at the event nor anywhere else online or offline! The person themself is of course free to do so.

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