We at Tremonia love our Fechtschule. And that’s why we want everyone to have the chance to visit us and share this experience with us. We hence try to be an open and safe space for everyone regardless of ethnicity, gender, beliefs, etc. (See our Code of Conduct for more on this.) But sometimes it isn’t discrimination that keeps people out. Sometimes it’s simply money.

It would be sad if people that share our passion could not attend our Fechtschule because of their financial situation. Especially during the pandemic some of us may have experienced financial problems or still do. We trust in the solidarity of HEMAist*as and therefore allow ourselves to take the following route with the pricing for the Tremonia Fechtschule:

As soon as you have filled in all the relevant parts of the registration form (sleeping place etc.) a price will be shown on a slider. This is the amount we have calculated to cover our costs (we do not aim to make profit with the Fechtschule). Now you can regulate this price down on your own, if you are in need of a discount. We don’t ask for any proof or statements: If you say in good conscience that you need a concession to get access to this event, then that’s what it is! Of course, we can only afford to do this, if this option is only used if necessary. Exploitation of this option means that we won’t be able to offer things like these in the future.

As we don’t want to finance this option by artificially inflating our prices, we rely on the solidarity of those who are fortunate enough to find themselves in more comfortable positions. If it does not hurt you to do so, you can choose to pay a higher amount. For this you also simply use the slider.

What happens to surplus money? You decide!

Below said slider, you find a second one that allows you to choose what percentage of the amount you have paid on top (after proportional deduction of the granted discounts) shall go to the Stiftung Deutsche Depressionshilfe (for their – especially in these times – important work in the field of depression) and our club (for the funding of further projects, events or acquisitions) respectively.

[E.g.: You decide to pay another €10 on top of the €100 for your bed in the tower house and that 90% of any surplus should go to the Stiftung Deutsche Depressionshilfe. Doing the final accounting we notice that we gave discounts for a total of €250 and received donations of €500. So half of the donations is needed for balancing the discounts which leaves €5 of your €10. Based on your decision this means that we transfer €4.50 to the charity (without any further deductions) and €0.50 go to Tremonia Fechten.

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